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Magenta Dusk has made his retro synth-wave debut with ‘Give It Up’ featuring Sevda B.

For their retro pop debut, Magenta Dusk teamed up with Sevda B and released the synth-wave track, ‘Give It Up’. It’s exactly the kind of track that you’d want to be born in the wake of a global pandemic. It fits the mood with almost serendipitous accuracy; within the reverb-laced progressions, you’ll feel a sense of deep longing, reflecting and trepidation-infused hope.

The Nottingham-based synth-pop producer who seeks to find harmony within dark textures is sure to make waves with his debut single. He pulled plenty of soul-awakening harmony to the surface with Give It Up while simultaneously creating the perfect platform for Sevda B’s tentatively optimistic vocals that will undoubtedly speak those with a tendency to lean towards existentialism.

Give It Up is available to stream and download via Magenta Dusk’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Speaking up against conservatism and racism in Europe: Eruption Artistique broaden our minds with original video for ‘King-Kong’

Eruption Artistique have released one of the most fascinating music videos you will ever see called ‘King-Kong‘.

Dutch alt electro-pop outfit Eruption Artistique make original cinematic-influenced music that speaks up for a worthy cause and they do it with a sense of humor too. Their sound is nothing like you have probably heard before, which makes them a curiously adsorbing listen.

This is the story about how racism and conservatism is destroying Europe currently and this is a band that have welded their creative energies together, in order to show how they aren’t staying silent anymore.

Her vocals are sweet and glorious while the wind-swept beat adds a layer of so much intrigue to a picture that needs to the seen in order to believe, with a song that has so much attraction inter-webbed in the forest of originality.

King-Kong‘ from The Netherlands-based alt-indie pop group with off beat cinematic fusion Eruption Artistique, is the type of music video you will need to watch twice to get all the hidden intricacies wrapped into this wonderful song- that is full of messages and amusement at the same time. A rare and ultimately powerful quality to have in this dark world, full of mystery and anxiousness.

This is a video that you need to see with your own eyes, in order to believe its contents and what the song stands for. Music is there for expression and to teach us all what is really going on, when the news tells us something different at times.

Watch this enthralling music video on YouTube and find out more about their cause on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Frank Michaels showcases their constraint-less charisma with their alt-indie electronica debut ‘2 Weeks’

If you’ve lost all concept of time, Frank Michaels’ single, 2 Weeks, may not be able to help in that regard, but it does provide 2:19-minutes of alt-indie electronica experimentalism which will set your synapses alight, and let’s face it, dopamine is hard to come by these days.

By fusing elements of trippy indie hip hop, electronica and funk-driven pop into atypically galvanising and glitchy progressions, the Toronto-hailing songwriter and producer created the perfect platform for their dream pop-Esque vocals which bring a sense of tranquillity and soul.

COVID-19 may have a lot to answer to for, but the inspiration it gave so many artists to take the bull by the aural horns and make their debut is definitely a silver-lining. Frank Michaels can discernibly count himself amongst the artists making these bleak times a little brighter with their constraint-less charismatic sound.

2 Weeks is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Finding that deep sleep mood: Sound Science fascinates with the sleepy wonder single ‘Dreamcatcher’

Sound Science embraces our inner consciousness with the soothingly excellent new single called ‘Dreamcatcher‘.

Garrett Rieks aka Sound Science, is an Iowa-based tech writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that specially sauced type of music that has that intriguing psychedelic pop layered just right for our battered souls.

This is the calming story about grabbing your cozy blanket and letting your body rest after the long twelve months of madness. This feels like an escape from the new normal thanks to the calming dream-catcher that helps you sleep.

His voice is so relaxing and your eyes are closing slowly, as you feel like you can survive tomorrow. With an intriguing electro-pop beat that simmers in like it is from another planet, this is a unique track that is made with that pure love of music.

Dreamcatcher‘ from Iowa’s Sound Science, is that cool-breeze kind of song that you close your eyes to at night, while you are laying in bed and can’t sleep. His soothing voice combined with a fascinating beat, makes this is a thoroughly entertaining listen. You imagine being all snug in bed with a hot cuppa tea and staring at your cleverly-made treasure- that adds so much value to your soul.

When you need some peace and quiet in life, you have to think outside the box and do what you need in order to get back to winning ways. Dreaming brightly is the way to unlocking that inner energy, that only comes when you get a proper rest.

Get your music fix here on Soundcloud and see his emerging journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That late-night vibe: Storm: Season drop impressive new single ‘My Lover’s’

Storm: Season drift in beautifully with the stunning new single ‘My Lover’s‘ that will have you closing your eyes and imagining the good times ahead in 2021.

With soothing lo-fi, indie-rock, electro-pop and avant-grande all mixed together to make our hearts flutter in the wind, Storm: Season are here to freshen up our moods from this wild time in the world. They make that heart hugging type of music that is a lovely listen for all ages.

The atmospheric start gets you in the mood seamlessly, as you take a breath and get ready for what is next. The clear vocals catch your attention instantly as the lover’s story takes over. This is that romantic tale of wanting to be with her all night and wake up together, so close that you are connected like a phone to a charger.

The electric soundscapes are highly satisfying on this one as they all seem to have that inner connection to fuse together like glue, with a style that is so rare to hear. This is an act that have so many different genres intertwined inside of them, which makes them a unique group for us to immerse ourselves into.

My Lover’s‘ from lo-fi indie rockers Storm: Season is a song that bridges the gap between different styles and is a highly impressive listen. This is a new song to embrace closely with that special one in your life, as you hold each other close and gaze into each others eyes.

Stream this sonic breeze that will leave you breathless on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RawFall – A Thousand Thoughts: A Stark Aural Portrait of a Disquiet Mind

RawFall’s latest single, A Thousand Thoughts, doesn’t just lyrically play with the concept of disquietude, within the intricate layers of the Darkwave Electronica single, agitation and restlessness reside in the soundscape as a perfect aural depiction of a tumultuously anxiety-ailed mind. That should be anxiety-invoking in itself, but with the consoling yet sonorous vocals, any such emotion will be efficaciously quelled.

With the duo’s influences including everything from Psych to Blues to Alt Electro, there’s a dynamic non-assimilative feel which fleetingly carries reminiscences to Empathy Test and Blue October, but you’ve never heard anything quite like A Thousand Thoughts before. I was beginning to wonder if any Dark Electronica artist had the ability to produce without sounding like a Trent Reznor carbon copy, but RawFall, with their conceptual fraught masterpiece of a single well and truly proved me otherwise.

You can check out A Thousand Thoughts for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lewis Shepperd’s ‘This Blood Is Yours’ – modern yet retro emo-tinged rock single takes us to the dark side.

There’s a distinct ‘Police’ feel to Lewis Shepperd’s bass-heavy driving new single ‘This Blood Is Yours’, a modern-yet-retro pop-rock style delivered courtesy of Regatta De Blanc or Outlandos d’Amour-style guitar and syncopated, off-beat bass work.

Luke Shepperd’s vocal is reminiscent of Sting on ‘Message In A Bottle’ or ‘Roxanne’, mixed in with some serious emo-cred through the track’s vampirism stylings, and with maybe a contemporary Ed Sheeran or Jamie T vibe thrown in for good measure. It’s mature but not jaded, classy without being elitist, the mastering genius of Pete Maher (The Killers, Liam Gallagher, The Rolling Stones) clearly adding a smattering of indie-rock sparkle to the track.

Shepperd’s debut single, ‘Me’, has already received over 25,000 views on YouTube, and was featured in Music Week Presents as well as being the ‘Tip of the Week’ on BBC Solent radio upon its release. On the basis of this, there’s every likelihood ‘This Blood Is Yours’ will outdo it.

See the video for ‘This Blood Is Yours’ on YouTube. Follow Lewis Shepperd on Instagram and Facebook.

Getting rid of toxic energies: Oak Glen show us the way with the Electro-Pop whirlwind ‘Wasted Love’

The thunderous Electronic beginnings have you glued to your speakers right away, as the storm percolates outside. The swift move to lusciously laced vocals, gets you into the mood to make your own dance floor. The story of love that was once so hot and burning fire, has cooled down like a dip in the freezing ocean as your once steaming lips are blue- and so is your mood. Moscow based Alt-Electronica 3 Piece outfit Oak Glen drop their latest single ‘Wasted Love‘ from the fiery 5 track EP ‘Love Racer, and this is a supremely spectacular song that will make your heart beat way too fast.

With the lighter lit, her voice is so real and grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let go. The band are clearly tight, and their synergy is there for all to hear, this is an act that are ready for the big time. Each second of the song is made with such quality, and your head won’t stop bouncing along.

The love was so perfect and things were fun, this is the story of saying goodbye to that time in your life. Sadly, the spark has gone and the match won’t light again. Lead by the mysteriously exquisite exotic voice and creativity of front-woman Kate Neretina, these words of closure are so important for the troubled soul. To have the bravery to get away from something so toxic, is what so many of us need to hear. After all, its so easy to stay stuck in the hole, that leads nowhere but down.

Wasted Love‘ from Russia’s Oak Glen is a song that you will have to hear twice, in order to get all the intrinsic value out of the release. To be happy inside is way more important to your chakra force field, than to be with someone who sucks away at your good energy, and greedily takes away all your special soul with them.

Fire up your day with the new release on Spotify and see more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gold covered layers of scheming: The Grand Mess wraps a web of mystery on ‘Lie To You’

The moody start soon clings to your heart right away as you wonder what is going to form next. We are not disappointed as this an Electronic-Pop web of intriguing proportions, this is a story that will fascinate and make you think about the way you speak to others. Canadian artist The Grand Mess is in imperious form ‘Lie To You‘ as he lets us into this wild water-slide of twists and turns.

Gold covered and looking for redemption, the waves form with the haunting vocals that grab you by the soul and you won’t forget this track very easily. The light radiates so many layers within, and he wants her to believe him. Sometimes she does and this for some reason, this gives off extra fuel inside to do it again and again. He feels bad about it and knows that this can’t continue as he is the one that has to look into the mirror each day.

The sonic speed in which this song wades in the door, is quite spectacularly composed and the pace ebbs and flows. The intricate energies are such a pleasure to listen intently, as you can’t take your ears away. This feel like an experience like no other and the electric vibrations are hard hitting and go deep within.

With gold lathered all over the vocals, Brooklyn based The Grand Mess shows his self-awareness in speaking out about how he feels inside, the game is fun to stop on ‘Lie To You‘.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Dream With Me’: Lesse is quite star-gazingly immense on this pure indie-electro pop ride to the sky

Dream With Me‘ from Lesse is the brand new track from a tremendous talent that thinks differently to most of us and this is much appreciated right now in the world.

This is all about embracing your fantasies and never letting anyone take over your dreams. With a voice that is so magnificent, you feel like you are travelling into a new world full of hope and love. The stylish singer Lesse never seems out of breath and his style of so classy and effortless it seems.

Many light years ago, between the stars in the brightest part of our galaxy….Signs of Lesse scattered throughout the universe- Lesse

With a soothing galaxy-like indie pop style that feels like you are swimming in the ocean with your special soul. Its just you two, staring at the stars and hand in hand. Lesse helps us dream again on ‘Dream With Me‘ and this young musician is only just getting started,

To hear this new track you can support via Spotify.

To find out more about this wildly talented artist go to his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen