From friends to lovers: Soulful pop/rock singer-songwriter JimmyJimmy returns with the sweet story of romance on ‘Mine’

This is the story of how friendship can sometimes turn into long lasting love. Well-traveled Delaware singer-songwriter JimmyJimmy sings about this incredible moment of happiness on ‘Mine‘.

His vast experienced is easy to hear as his intricate guitar skills make you smile in appreciation. The vocals are vibrant and calming on the ear as we hear how he has fallen head over heals for his friend, who he has clearly has his eye on for a while.

Sometimes, its quite risky to be romantically attracted to a friend as if the relationship ends, it could destroy your friendship for life too. However, if you don’t try, you might never know what might of been.

The groovy indie rock-pop single knocks politely on the door with a bunch of flowers and chocolates. This is the song to turn on with the candles on and a night of laughs and fun memories all evening.

This is a singer who details about this love and desire to be together with her forever. That smile has his heart doing cart-wheels and the feelings appear to be on both sides of the table. When you have a crush like this, the world is always a better place and the catchy chorus is a testament to this.

Hear the loving audio on YouTube and see where he is playing live next on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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