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Half Asleep by Four In The Morning

Music always comes with a non-composed element, a background feeling that is less about the notes and the beats but more to do with what hangs in between, a sonic personality if you like, based not on what the song does but what it is. The fact that this wonderful track is taken from an album called Half Asleep and is by a band called Four In The Morning gives the listener a big clue about where this all might be going. And indeed Lavender is the sound of restlessness, of the brain working overtime when it should be asleep, following fractious though process and whatever the opposite of “the cold light of day” might happen to be.

It is a gentle, piano driven ballad that, like all such nighttime analyses, slowly overthinks itself, heads towards a manic desire and starts to get fractured, splinters out of its logical path and turns from a bucolic night time muse into an all too intense longing. Lavender is a clever song, slow burning and embracing rawer and grittier sonic themes as it heads towards its conclusion. It is either a brilliant indie nocturne or an argument against eating cheese before bedtime.

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