Randy Locke – Everybody Get Down: The Prodigal Lyricist Returns with His Latest Work of Aural Anthemic Energy

We’ve seen lyrical ingenuity from many artists that we have featured this year, but none quite match the biting talent of Randy Locke’s latest single “Everybody Get Down”. When the first line hits you with “I’d rather overdose swimming with the holy ghost living in a comatose than to be with you”, you’re going to pay attention to the snipingly audacious lyrical hooks. You can rest assured that the lyrical fire doesn’t get put out from the first line, it carries all the way through the infectiously inventive single.

It really is no surprise how Randy Locke has managed to sustain his popularity with his fans when you take into account the euphoric energy which gets pumped into his Alt Rock Pop single. His playful vocal style is paired with distinctive guitar effects, layers of funk and plenty of raucous hype.

You can check out Randy Locke’s latest single Everybody Get Down for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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