Forward Thinking Nostalgia From Quiet Hours

Songs should grab you from the off, entice you, draw you in and wrap you up in their own musical plane of existence. Quiet Hours are aware of this, even if they are not aware that they are aware of this, because from the opening bars, this salvo of hazy loveliness will have you in its thrall. Its blend of gentle, shimmering ambient textures hung over more solid beats and skittering percussion, cascades of indie guitar and understated nature seem like time travel. They take you back to a host of great bands from the formative post-punk days, when Bunnymen echoed, Icicles worked, The Church were surprisingly anti-establishment and (early) Lush were just that.

But neither is it a backward glancing, rose-tinted nostalgia fest, Kate and Sawyer also sounds very much part of the here and now, a lo-fi cinematic piece of modernity with one foot in today and another striding out to pop pastures new. Music as time travel…how great is that?

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