Let Em Know: Young Monte just goes with the flow on Stand By You

Known by many as a chill trap originator of the highest order as he reaches for the sky, Young Monte is in soulful form as he tries to stay in the moment and make sure he is still searching for meaningful love on Stand By You.

Young Monte is a 27-year-old Oxnard, California-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who has sliced away from his meat clerk job and into the fires of the music world.

The song was an interesting process as I did both vocals in the song I was inspired by Kendrick Lamar when he would do some of his verses in his high pitch voice thus was inspired to make “stand by you” however I had fun doing it as I love r&b music to death and hope some day I can cement a legacy of my own.” ~ Young Monte

With only one year in the game, Young Monte kicks through later just for the fun and is in no mood to be attached right now, until there is special ‘the one’ sauce in the buns. This is the kinda flow to play when you need to know that there is no point in getting stressed out in life when there is no point in getting down.

Stand By You from Oxnard, California-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Young Monte is a rather special single made with so much reflective energy to intertwine inside. This is the type of track to be illuminated inside when the heart is almost ready to open up again, after being hurt previously.

When you’re looking for the one, your eyes spark like none before.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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