Flowing Tides: Rick Fouche brings in the memorable fresh seas with ‘Nautical Waves’

Taken off his latest five-track EP that is full of tasty flavor for the soul, Rick Fouche rises quickly above all as he shows that he knows exactly were the compass is with his terrific new single called ‘Nautical Waves‘.

Rick Fouche is an impressive New Jersey/New York-based former rapper, singer-songwriter, electronic pop and music producer, who has skillfully transitioned into RnB and soul music vibrations. He cleverly fuses that inner spark inside that has told him which path to smoothly move down, as he makes that quality music which is totally unique.

Everything is so clean and fresh here like it was washed over with love, as his lyrics strike you suddenly and make you remember that person who wanted you when they suited you. They soon fell onto their side as were before when they were finished with you, totally forgetting about you in an instant.

The beat smashes your consciousness open like a can of cola fizzing into your hungry stomach – as this song makes you feel so good – and has you thinking deeply about who you keep company with. The vocals are such a pleasure to consume greedily, and has you locked in, just like all classic track have the power to have you entranced.

Nautical Waves‘ from the exciting New Jersey/New York-based RnB/soul/ electronic pop act, indie singer-songwriter and music producer Rick Fouche, flows clearly like a man who has his life-jacket on. This is song that catches you unawares and is packed pull of a remarkable beat that is tied together with potent vocals, which swims right through your soul. You feel the quality on this memorable short track, that certainly wakes up all of your sense to life again.

Stream this catchy new single on Soundcloud and see more on his growing IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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