Flipp from the West put a subversive twist on old school hip hop with his single, ‘I’ll Make You Hurt’

Everything about Flipp from the west and his latest single, I’ll Make You Hurt, is subversive and enigmatic. His tendency to use ominous and sometimes macabre imagery with funk-riding reggae-infused beats unequivocally establishes him as a ground-breaking artist.

In I’ll Make You Hurt, you’ll find everything from West Coach sun-bleached vibes to nods to the gritty styles of old school gangster hip hop, but you’ve definitely never heard old school hip hop quite like this before.

After releasing eight EPs, Flipp from the west has left a wealth of ingenuity on the airwaves; his prolific rate of production proves he’s got the hunger, each track, individually, proves he’s got the talent.

I’ll Make You Hurt is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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