Find Some Room To Breathe: The Damn Devils look decisively for that desired meeting place away from the muddy mess on ‘The Line’

After spending their time in the torch-lit dark with a haunting soundtrack that would spook so many on ‘Gravedigger‘, The Damn Devils return strongly with a potent new single that has you thinking introspectively on ‘The Line‘.

The Damn Devils are a tough-as-nails hard-rock band from the USA who have formed online due to this devastation-filled pandemic that has forced them to think outside the box. They forge together like real pros with a thumping sound that is full-paced and has your innocent speakers shuddering with unadulterated enjoyment.

With a roaring start that is full of riffs that has you suddenly sensing that complete invigorating lathering seeping all over your pulsating body and reaching your hungry veins, this is a storming song that is full of hope and a terrific mindset for the soul. The vocals are clear and so precise – as the band join in joyously with a vigorous effort – that is rather indestructible on our awaiting ears.

The Damn Devils is a recording project featuring musicians from all over the US, who collaborated via the internet to create a hard-hitting rock album with a diverse sound.” – The Damn Devils

The Line‘ from the American online hard-rock recording project The Damn Devils, is that sick-of-suffocating track that has you feeling so inspired again. Brushing off the weird vibes is the only way to go, as you look for that free space that will help you see through the smoggy attitudes around, that are smoking out the world.

Having that inner peace to properly breathe and work out your next move, is surely the only way forward.

Stream this intense new single on Spotify and see more with the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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