FASE – Bartender: A Cocktail of Hip Hop Rap Fusion

At first, I was a little bit cynical as I wondered just how a track about a bartender could move me. As soon as I hit play on FASE’s latest single Bartender all doubt was removed from my mind as I sank into the high tempo pounding pace of his Hip Hop Rap track. FASE AKA Chamar Goodwin’s style is the epitome of dope, his zealous flows hit you with the force of a waterfall, and that’s nothing new. The up and coming artist has his own elemental style that you just can’t help but bow down to. Some Rap artists have a way of instantly commanding respect. FASE is up there with the best of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear a lot more from FASE in the future. The orchestration of the beat was flawless, as soon as the first verse kicks in you’re immersed within the resoundingly powerful domineering beat.

If you like your Hip Hop Harsh, you can check out FASE’s new track Bartender which was released April 2018 on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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