Noltac – ‘Unexpected’: Ambiently Alchemic Trap

Unexpected is just one of the singles recently released by the up and coming Trap artist Noltac. The Hip Hop producer takes a drastically different approach to Trap than many of the other contemporary Hip Hop artists I’ve checked out this year which is refreshing to say the least. The instrumental progressions of the track provided subtly ambient waves of synth which were complemented by the melodic kicks, rattles and snares of the 808 beats. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel the transient lucidity of the track was interrupted by the repetition of the introduction, yet for such a solid beat, the criticism is barely warranted.

You can check out Noltac’s single Unexpected for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now, whilst you’re there check out some of the producer and composer’s latest tracks such as his instrumental mix of ‘I Got a Story to Tell’, the simplicity behind the beat allows the space around the sound to offer as much essence and emotive energy as the beats themselves. It really is an inevitability that if you hit play on one of Noltac’s mixes you’re going to get lost in it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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