Familiar Scent: German band Sombrerobeach remember those childhood days which have been destroyed on ‘Mortar, Bricks and Memories’ (feat. Serouj Guidanian)

After having lots of fun with the ‘Grapefruit Song‘ from February 2021, Sombrerobeach move into a more serious topic about how your family home and town can get destroyed so quickly, and leave behind only distant memories with ‘Mortar, Bricks and Memories(feat. Serouj Guidanian).

Sombrerobeach is an evolving German indie pop-rock band who have smoothly moved into hard-rock for this new single, as they are joined on vocals by established Beirut, Lebanon-based rock-metal artist from Vahakn, Serouj Guidanian.

This is the story about recalling those innocent times and you miss those friends who have since moved on to different areas, as you think deeply about those days and shed a small tear. You realize that things had to change – but it still makes you upset –  as you wanted some memories today, to feel better about this rather weird world.

Performed with a hard edge that has you turning the volume up, you feel uplifted by this effort as you think back to your own childhood and wonder what is left of it. The vocals are performed with real class, and backed up by a full-paced soundscape, that has your heart beating so much quicker than before.

Mortar, Bricks and Memories(feat. Serouj Guidanian) from the German indie pop-rock/hard rock act Sombrerobeach, is a ravaging track with gritty vocals that lifts the gloom off the floor, as this is the story that strikes home hard. You recall those fun days of your youth but deep down know that things needs to move on, as you eat some sushi where the old playground used to be.

Hear this new high voltage single on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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