Butterfly Stone – Serious: The Most Diverse Alt Rock EP You’ll Hear in 2019

Leaving three years between releases is an aural crime. 90s Rock fans, prepare to be ridiculously enamoured by the Birmingham-based artist latest EP Release “Serious”.

With the title track “Serious” having the capacity to give any Rage Against the Machine fan an erection thanks to the Tom Morello style guitar, caustic effects and punchy Alt Hip Hop vocals, don’t be surprised if the track fades out and you have a brand-new favourite Hip Hop Rock track.

Track two “Believe” relies on plenty of Rock Funk, fairly reminiscent to what you could expect from early Faith No More – I never make Mike Patton comparisons easily, but Butterfly Stone is one of the rare artists who are worthy.

The final track “Breathe” is once again another drastic shift in style with a Cornell-style melancholic masterpiece.

I’m quite honestly in awe of Butterfly Stone’s talent as a diverse artist. Even though each of the three singles was totally different, there’s no choosing a favourite.

Butterfly Stone’s Serious EP will be available to download and stream on all major platforms from June 21st, 2019. Head over to SoundCloud to check it out, and keep up to date with all Butterfly Stone’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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