‘Fading’ – Tainted Dream

Tainted Dream, founded by Ziad Sarieddine, have released the first single from their debut LP. The band, also comprised of Jack Grossman, Courtney Grace and Warren Blackwell, create art that is designed to reflect the pain we all feel. But their music simultaneously makes us see the sharp glimmers of devastating beauty within our struggles.

‘Fading’ is the first track from their album, Flip The Page, to be released in video format. The visuals within it paint the same eerie, mystifying silhouette that the vocals cause us to envisage while listening to the song. The tinkling pianos, soft, strumming of strings and breathy, ethereal vocal create a ghostly, yet somehow vital timbre. All of these sounds mingle together to create a track that will most definitely not be Fading into the background anytime soon.

As the song progresses, it becomes clear that we are witnessing a lyrical farewell. The singer professes that there is one she will “never kiss again”. ‘Fading’, then, captures the fleeting, euphoric moments that inevitably come to an end and become distant reveries located in the past. But the entrancing melodies and hopefully instrumentals force us to find the poetic resonances in the love now lost.

As the sultry vocal and downtempo sounds draw to a close, we hear an interlude that can best be described as a whispering of souls. Then, the guitar fades into a quiet void: the end.

Listen to ‘Fading’ Here

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