Exotik Robotz – Tears in the Rain: A Hauntingly High Vibe Hit of Synth Pop

Exotik Robotz are a futuristic collective of iridescently talented Electronica Synth Pop musicians hailing from New York. Their sound is a breath of fresh air and serves as a pure injection of positive illuminating vibes. Their latest track Tears in the Rain, is just one of the mix of soul shattering synths that their debut album ‘SUPERNOVAE’ offers. It shines a ray of light through the murky depths of melancholia in the Electronica scene. Their boundless transient sound mixes in Soulful vocals which pour humanity over the track to make Tears in the Rain one of the most evocative listening experiences I’ve had dabbling in the Synth Pop Genre.  The classic piano medleys and soaring guitars are perfectly composed around Exotik Robotz otherwise synthesised sound. The band take their influences from New Wave, World, Glam & Classical music, which can give you an idea of how eclectically pioneering their sound is.

Check out Tears in the Rain on SoundCloud using the link below:


Head on over to the bands official website for more beats & tour info:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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