Evergreen is astronomical in her latest folk single, Meteors

The Austin-hailing multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and cello teacher, Evergreen, is renowned for her narrative folk soundscapes that can rejuvenate love and lust for life. Her latest single, Meteors, is another vibrant extension of her mission to paint portraits of phenomenological beauty and prove that music is a global element of humanity. If any single could be accurately described as a high vibe folk lullaby, it’s Meteors.

With a twinge of Twain in her vocals atop the classical cellos, folky strings, and artfully baroque elements, Evergreen reached the pinnacle of sonic beguile in Meteors, which is as accessible as oxygen, with no shortage of virtuosic flare.

Evergreen is now available to stream on Spotify; her debut album, Delicious Vignettes of Recent American Kind, which will be a mash of academic and classical music, is due for release on March 31st.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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