Maicie Rayner: The Up and Coming Pop Act to Watch?

Even at a young age, Maicie Rayner’s vocal command is accomplished, as was proven on stage at Balham Open Mic UK music competition held in October 2018. The dynamics in her vocal performance will be enough to leave any Neo-Soul fans enamoured. With the same plaintively raw style as artists such as Amy Winehouse, the power of the vocals reverberates through the airwaves and allow the sentiment in the lyrics to tear holes out of the atmosphere.

There really is no overstating the raw amount of talent exhibited by Maicie Rayner in her most recent performance. With such maturity and authenticity already present in her style, it’s hard to imagine a future without Maicie’s overwhelmingly all-encompassing vocals as a main fixture on the radio.

You can check out Maicie Rayner’s performance by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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