Elwood: A Journey Through the Mind of the Magnanimous

When you listen to lyrics, you want to be moved, for an artist to do that, they have to have true soul. Which is exactly what I found when I listened to Elwood’s latest hauntingly powerful track ‘Alive’ off his debut release Here for Later Pt 1.

Living in Long Island, New York Elwood is a dreamer, and a true visionary in the modern R&B Rap scene, a lot of young artists have a lot to learn from his music and musings. With lyrics void of aggression, fake mentality and media spin his words are a welcome to a scene that often perpetuates hatred, materialistic vanity and misogyny. With such a vision he isn’t going to wait around on the underground for long.

Here for Later which was brought out this October was created to tell Elwood’s story of his vision of peace, he makes apologies for the rawness of the material, is there anything that’s more beautiful than that? He’s a lyrical visionary that is truly a pleasure to listen to through its steady tempo, packed full of touching, tireless energy.

The harmonious track is thoroughly deserving of a 5 star review, and Elwood will undoubtedly receive the notoriety he deserves after the painstaking production of this carefully crafted EP.

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