Eden Marquis shows that there is always more life with ‘Your Shadowed Vixen’

Time and time again, we find that music helps us illustrate relatable scenarios in ways that connect us as human beings. Can you think of a more human scenario than seeing someone you’ve loved with someone else? This is a tale as old as time that’s been displayed in every genre by more artists than it hasn’t been. You’ve heard tales of heartache, of getting over it, of falling back in love, and every other variation that this takes on. You’ve heard the anger, the jealousy, the despair, the humor, the embrace, the regret, the acceptance, etc. You’ve heard this before…but not the way Eden Marquis tells it.

Your Shadowed Vixen is a new take on an old classic. It’s got bass-driven verses with creative use of panned-percussion that stands out from contemporary artists. It won’t get lost in obscurity thanks to some delayed synth patches and a very grounded vocal performance by Marquis that really helps display the truth of the situation without overly dynamic delivery or distracting hyperbole. This song has heart that doesn’t need to bleed on you to get your attention. Eden Marquis shows that there is always more life to be explored in our old passions, whether they are relationships or lyrical topics.

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