Nature’s Child – How Can I Feel it? I Definitely Felt it

Nature's Child

I Still Haven’t Got Over the Track That Simultaneously Puts to Shame Rap, Electronic and Metal Artists Everywhere.

I don’t usually resort to expletives. But F**k. Me. Nature’s Child’s new track is my greatest discovery since, well, I have no idea. The moment Nature’s Child’s rap vocals kicked in I was captivated by the electronically infused Rap Metal track. I would quite happily kiss the ground that Natures Child and Max Tinney walked on after listening to their latest release How Can I Feel it which came from their Debut EP ‘The Delirious’. To be honest, I’m a bit delirious after checking out their sound. The Houston based artist created the perfect synergy between blisteringly heavy dubbed synth and raucously deep riffs from the soaring guitar. The breakdowns around Max Tinney’s screamo vocals are gut-wrenchingly immersive. With How Can I Feel it? Natures Child puts to shame Pendulum, Incubus, and Eminem in one foul swoop. The rest of the EP is equally as spectacular as the first track, yet they’ve added an infinitely eclectic mix of progressive sounds. I’m just going to put it out there, Nature’s Child’s sound is orgasmic.

You can check out How Can I Feel It? Along with the rest of Nature’s Child’s 6 track EP on SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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