East Meets West in Taichmania’s Alchemically Rendered Single “Arabesk”

Hitting play on a masterfully rendered non-western track always makes me question why we don’t do it more. Which is exactly what happened when I surrendered to the exotic invigorating rhythms contained in the first track “Arabesk” on Taichmani’s 2019 album “Seventh Heaven”.

Instead of ingesting the same four-bar chords, Arabesk is a vibrant mix of Bass-driven EDM, Jungle, Turkish rhythm, British Psychedelia and Middle Eastern mysticism which comes together in a commandingly arrestive fashion. It is a perfect reminder that true rhythm shouldn’t just leave us with the compulsion to move to it, it should give us very little choice in doing so. I never expected synths, the violin, and sax to be able to come together in such a truly alchemic fashion, I don’t expect that anyone else will be better prepared than me

You can check out Taichmania’s single Arabesk along with the rest of their album Seventh Heaven for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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