David Wasco’s Secret Spill the Indie Americana Nostalgia with Single “Falling in a Hole”

Up and coming Indie Americana Folk artist David Wasco’s Secret has recently released their debut self-titled 4-track EP. Each of the singles on the release is pretty much as effective as a TARDIS when it comes to throwing you back in time. But the archaic soulfully psychedelic Blues found on “Falling in a Hole” is the perfect introduction to the artists sound.

The intricacy within the guitar rhythms has the capacity to leave you mesmerised while the playful lyrics will invite you right into the charismatic nature of the single. As much as we dug the stripped-back charm of Falling in a Hole, it was easy to feel that the production dampened the rich textures of the Blues Rock guitar licks. While Lo-Fi music can resonate with authenticity and intimacy, the muteness of Falling in a Hole definitely didn’t do David Wasco’s Secret’s talent justice.

You can check out Falling in a Hole along with the rest of the EP by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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