A&R Factory Present: David Schocke

David Schocke attended Berklee College of Music and has played many shows around the USA. He writes about love, success, family and relationships.

According to his Twitter 100% of people that listened to this song “HIGH”, had a smoke before hand. So we will leave that decision up to you, but anyway, check him out… The song deserves several plays, and he deserves a beer for creating it.

David goes on to say “High was cooked up 2 years ago in a little gray corner of Boston. It sparked the beginning of the end for my time in Boston and at Berklee College of Music. I dropped out, moved to LA and dove into the humbling experience of embodying, in sound, the feeling’s that were flowing when it was originally composed. Enjoy the fruit of my feels.”

Expect big things from this guy.

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