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Emilia breathes new life into the world just when we needed it most on ‘Paradise’

With her teasingly much-anticipated full album out for release later on this year, the sultry, polished and sweetly natural sounds of Emilia, drifts us into a love inspired wave which might send your imagination into a peaceful dream in ‘Paradise‘.

Emilia is a Toronto, Canada-born indie-pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is a graduate of Berklee College of Music and seems to flow so beautifully into every creation.

It talks about the exciting beginning feelings of falling in love and wanting to enjoy that time with your person.” ~ Emilia

Showing much enticing progression from her debut release in 2020, called ‘Almost There‘, Emilia graces us with possibly the hypnotic summer lover track of 2022 so far. ‘Paradise‘ is a tasty sip back into that perfect time you get excited about. When nothing else was around. You were in the moment and it felt like you were under the spell of someone so ridiculously enchanting.

Paradise‘ from Toronto, Canada-born indie-pop/RnB singer-songwriter Emilia might have you smiling softly to yourself as you feel the wonderful glow of a newbie relationship. That early stimulating part which feels like it will last forever, as your heart stops for a few seconds and you say things you wouldn’t ever reveal about yourself with anyone else in the world.

True love is when you just know, right?

Witness this beautiful release Spotify and see more about this angelic soul on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

California hard rockers Fastride speeds up on a road that has a ‘Devil in Your Rearview’

Pulsating us with a song that might give you a comprehensive rush that will take your breath away, Fastride knows they need to get the speed on full to stay away from that dark force that can take your mind away from where you need to be focused on with, ‘Devil in Your Rearview‘.

Fastride is a Los Angeles, California-based 4-piece indie hard rock band formed by Ty Asoudegan who is also a session guitarist at Gemini Musiq.

Ty, who is an alumni of Berklee College of Music, started his musical journey in Philadelphia. Ty’s skills have been recognized early on in his career. He was the grand prize winner of a nationwide contest hosted by Slash and Guitar.” ~ Ty Asoudegan

Slashing the tires and getting us into a formidable headspace that is only focused on the here and now, Fastride sends us a picture of that race that we are all playing against ourselves in this rather strange world.

Since relocating to Southern California, Fastride has performed at many clubs in the LA area, such as The Whisky A Go Go, The Viper Room, & Molly Malone’s.” ~ Ty Asoudegan

Devil in Your Rearview‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie hard rock band Fastride is a heavy single that slams right into your face and takes you into a geared-up mentality. With ferocious riffs that send you into a hair-raising psyche, this is a pacey new single that will have you revving up your engine – as you imagine getting away from something evil – that you want no connection with.

Sometimes you just need to get far away from those thoughts that you know will ultimately break you.

See this speedy new music video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Timo Arthur listened to the story that changed his viewpoint about romance with, ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That’

Showing remorse for not trying extra hard to keep the one that he truly loved, Timo Arthur is rather incredible on his latest single that will sway your heart in wishing you could have made it happen on, ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That‘.

Timo Arthur is an accomplished Milford, Connecticut-born indie-blues musician who has performed all over the world and is a Berklee College of Music graduate.

After expressing interest in music at age eight, his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas. He gave his first performance at age 10 at a school talent show.” ~ Timo Arthur

Like a masterful underground legend who lets his music do the talking, Timo Arthur brings us a truly elevated song which could change your mindset into what is actually conceivable if you do whatever it takes to get your lover back from the cold wilderness.

Hailing from a musical family, his mother was a semi-professional concert cellist, and also played piano and flute at home, while his father played guitar, piano, and percussion at their home as well.” ~ Timo Arthur

I Wish I’d Thought Of That‘ from Milford, Connecticut-born indie-blues musician Timo Arthur is a vocally advanced song from a well-respected artist who performs with such class and grit, while taking our minds into this animated picture. Showing us inside that moment when he recognized that there was actually another option to the one that he chose, this is a relevant track for so many who have lost that tenderness in the winds of change forever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Connecticut’s Alan Fiore wonders why he was with that troublesome insincere former lover on ‘Take the Bait!’

Letting his ex know that it’s really over and that they should move on forever, Alan Fiore refuses to play those silly games late at night and wants to be away from this toxic energy right now on, ‘Take the Bait!‘.

Alan Fiore is a Westport, Connecticut indie music producer and singer-songwriter who grew up in a musical family and started piano lessons when he was just 4 years old.

His love for music began at home, listening to his dad play the piano before he could even talk.” ~ Alan Fiore

Flying high and finding a new passage to self-peace after feeling that he was used for too long and sucked into a fake world that only turned into a delirious maze of irritation, Alan Fiore cleans up the mess and vows that he is ready for calmer waters with someone who is kind and sincere.

As Alan approached his teenage years, he fell in love with the Beatles and was inspired to begin writing his own music.” ~ Alan Fiore

Take the Bait!‘ from Westport, Connecticut indie music producer, Berklee College of Music student and singer-songwriter Alan Fiore sends a clear message to his ex that it’s time to close the door. Sensing that he has wasted his time as he washes off the afterglow that has surely faded – this is a track that so many have felt deep in their veins – when they knew it was all over. Sung with a real insight by someone who has lived through the misery, this is a passionate single from an emerging artist who sounds in a mood to start fresh again.

Renewing your heart and moving on, is the only way to get over that person who was actually bad for you after all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more stories on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What I Tell Myself: Brandon Tuzio returns with new pop-fueled single ‘Resume’

Released off his brand new 11-track album ‘Violet Carpet Walk‘, Brandon Tuzio is back with a catchy new track that will have you looking outside into the world so reflectively on ‘Resume‘.

Brandon Tuzio is an Asbury Park, New Jersey-born, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist, Berklee College of Music graduate and composer.

I have folders full of untitled tracks never completed. I needed to clear some of it out of my brain, so I revisited some from the last decade and attempted to make a complete album.” ~ Brandon Tuzio

Bringing us a peaceful melody that is undoubtedly perfect for listening to at the beach as you stare lovingly at the calming ocean, Brandon Tuzio shows us that keeping things simple is actually the best way to stimulate the mind into unlocking all those important ideas that have been hiding away for all these years.

Resume‘ from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie-pop artist and composer Brandon Tuzio, is a pleasant single that is minimal on lyrics which suits us just fine. The world is so complicated anyway and this is a reminder that we need to use our minds more and rely on overconsuming less, as that is the only way to clear the mind up from all the useless information we have picked up inadvertently.

Life is all about getting that complete picture after all, just like Brandon has done by getting all his creativity out to help his own soul keep burning with freshness.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising Upwards: LOGUIDICE takes her invigorating music to a whole new level on ‘Elevators’

Armed with her inner self-belief which has been entrenched and ever-growing into her curious mindset since she was just 8 years-old as she drops her debut EP called ‘One‘, LOGUIDICE sounds like she knows exactly which floor is right for her soul to land on with ‘Elevators‘.

Maria Loguidice aka LOGUIDICE, is a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born, Los Angeles-based indie Pop/RnB singer-songwriter, pianist and Berklee College of Music graduate.

This twenty-something year old has finally found her sound through all of her heartaches and heartbreaks.” ~ LOGUIDICE

After her gorgeously projected ‘Hope This Helps EP‘ from 2020, it certainly feels like LOGUIDICE is always looking to evolve and climb up her vitally important concious road to a better path inside her admirably sensitive heart. This is another step upwards for an wildly talented and impressively hard-working artist who is truly improving after each release – as she sings with such freedom – while delighting us through succulent vocals and naturally penned lyrics – that are soaked with meaning, that you can’t help but be uplifted by.

Elevators‘ from the exhilarating Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-born, LA-based Pop/RnB vocalist LOGUIDICE, is a real statement from a young woman who is tired of being messed around and skipping around for someone who isn’t worth it. She sounds ready to be who she wants to be now, and sings with an inspiring aura that is Queen-like and utterly scintillating.

On a sensationally desirable beat and with such breathlessly entrancing energy flowing through into our wind-swept speakers, this is a special track from an spiritually enlightened artist who is only going one direction now. Upwards.

Hear this body-healing new single on her Spotify and see her socials via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Wanted Easier Than I: Daniella Spadini burns with disappointment of false promises on her stunning 2nd single ‘7:30’

After carefully bringing us a superb shining light on her debut single ‘Part Of You‘, Daniella Spadini wonders why her ex set her fire alive and then foolishly ran away when things got a bit harder on ‘7:30‘.

Daniella Spadini is a rural Northern California-born, Boston-based, flower and dog lover, indie-pop artist and Berklee College of Music Songwriting undergrad student ’21.

After formally being in a top 40 cover band before her studies, she has been bursting to release her 2nd single and this is a marvelous effort, packed full of powerful vocals which have you breathless at times.

Inspired by her peculiar outlook on the world, 21-year-old Daniella Spadini has been writing music for as long as she can remember.” ~ Daniella Spadini

This is the story about feeling like you were so in love and then things turned so fast, as your empty heart soon felt upset from all the unreliable stories and sneaky webs, which were only undesirably dusty and liar-filled.

Sung with a reflective edge, we are reminded of Daniella’s pure voice, which leaves your neck and back twitching in utter delight.

7:30‘ from the highly promising Northern California-born, Boston-based indie-pop artist Daniella Spadini, is a radiant effort that is full of wonderful vocals which has you mightily impressed. She sings with so much freedom and love at each turn, as you turn her up and let each note take you to euphoric places.

Sometimes it doesn’t always work out as others are ultimately selfish and narrow-minded, but if you always remember what you stand for, you will always recover quicker than you think.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bigger Things Now: Canadian producer/singer Naszdaddy doesn’t know if they can connect on ‘Obsessed’

As he tries hard not to flex but just can’t quite help it, Naszdaddy wonders why they won’t leave him alone, even though he has made his intentions known on ‘Obsessed‘.

Naszdaddy is a Brockville, Eastern Ontario, Canada-based indie music producer, artist and Berklee College of Music student. He is an artistic soul and loves to break boundaries with his vibration-filled bundle of different-planet sounding music melodies, which is packed full of boundless enthusiasm and smartly-crafted ingenuity.

Naszdaddy specializes in hyperpop, melodic trap, and experimental music. He has played the piano since 2003, has been producing since 2017, and started developing his voice in 2020.” ~ Naszdaddy

He mixes skillfully with a dynamic soundscape which is full of skilled effect for our beating hearts – which has your wondrous body grooving in absolute unison and has your thoughtful mind wondering translucently- deep into the intense story about someone who is madly in love with you, who just doesn’t get it. This is a highly innovative performance from a youthful artist who is clearly looking for something different – which will comprehensively stimulate his mind to stay alive with new layers of total excellence – and always be satisfyingly imaginative to himself and those who know him best.

Obsessed‘ from the highly progressive Canadian indie music producer and singer Naszdaddy, is the familiar story about telling someone super into you that you aren’t interested at all, but they keep on trying no matter what you say. The problem is that you are in love with someone else and know that you won’t connect on a higher level anyway, as you are two rather different souls.

When the heart knows what it wants, nothing else should get in the way of staying faithful to your true love.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more stories on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Everyone Needs A Light Sometimes: Daniella Spadini certainly finds the special spark on debut ‘Part Of You’

With her small-town humble nature shining through beautifully into the wind as she embarks on this exciting journey to release her own music, Daniella Spadini wholeheartedly desires that tender touch right now as she wishes they were close to light the love together like fireworks in the sky on ‘Part Of You‘.

Daniella Spadini is an emerging 21-years-young rural Northern California-born indie pop singer-songwriter, dog lover and flower enthusiast, who calls Berklee College of Music her home currently, as he finishes up her undergrad in songwriting.

As a teen, she performed with a Top 40 cover band in hundreds of shows at venues that include Disneyland and the
California State Fair. Feeling called back to her songwriting roots, she soon left the band to focus on her own artistry.” – Daniella Spadini

With a whirlwind of a gushingly attractive voice that seems to have your back standing straight up to attention, you get lost into her wonderful sound that is backed up with a rather special beat here. The two combine so perfectly and this is a stunning debut track, that is surely up there with the more promising indie singles of 2021.

Part Of You‘ from the youthfully exuberant Northern California-born pop singer and skilled songwriter Daniella Spadini, has us dreaming about being with the person of our dreams who is a bit further away than we would like. The spark is there but the lighter is hidden away for now – as we hold onto their memory really tight – before it fades away into the night, never to be seen again.

Hear this top new single on her Spotify and see more of her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feels Right With You: Taylor Briggs cherishes each moment together on ‘Don’t Let Go’ (feat. V. Valiant)

As he captures the moment so that it can never slip his mind in his vision camera, Taylor Briggs shows his love for the person who he can’t imagine being without on his top new single called ‘Don’t Let Go(feat. V. Valiant).

Jon Taylor Briggs aka Taylor Briggs, is a proud Cali-kid and emerging indie-pop artist from Los Angeles. He is dutifully studying a Bachelors in Music in Contemporary Writing/Production (CWP) plus a minor in Video Game Scoring at Berklee College of Music. His style is a combination of reaching for his dreams and speaking about everyday life that he sees around him, whilst never giving up on his lofty goals.

Inspired by hip hop, RnB, and alt-pop, you feel his grounded aura shining through like a bright light through the cold darkness, as he sings with such flourishing optimism, as each word is meant to guide him into her arms again organically.

Don’t Let Go(feat. V. Valiant) from the talented Los Angeles, California-based indie-pop artist Taylor Briggs, grabs you by the flowing hair and brushes it for you, with some tender loving care. This is a catchy new single that shows you a man who totally appreciates the center of his world – as he shows them so much love – with a sterling effort here that will sit in your mind memorably. It just feels so right.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen