Darshaan welcomes R&B Soul into a new era with latest single “Leopard Print”

Creating a contemporary R&B Soul track which pays plenty of ode to the old school whilst simultaneously keeps you surprised at each and every subversive twist of the soundscape was always going to result in a blinding single. Which is exactly what you can expect from Darshaan’s upcoming single “Leopard Print”.

Rather than allowing you to choke on excessive romanticism, there’s a reticent feeling behind the single. Because instead of offering you candid emotions, the lyricism offers plenty of imagery to get well and truly immersed within and there’s plenty to be said about the production of the single, which welcomes R&B Soul into the new age.

So, if you’re looking for a smooth and cathartic offering of R&B Soul which sits ahead of the curve, look no further than Leopard Print which London-based Darshaan created with a little help from vocalist Leyma. Yet, from the levels of vocal charisma on display from Darshaan in Leopard Print, it’s perceptible that he needed no help at all.

You can check out Darshaan’s latest single Leopard Print from May 24th, 2019 via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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