Dani Sylvia Gets The Blues On Latest Single


They say that when life hands you lemons you make lemonade. Similarly when life handed Dani Sylvia heartache she made heartachingly beautiful songs. Working towards an album called Tall Tales, a reference to her height, Dark Blue is the latest in a procession of songs which range from the unabashed baring of inner emotions to her frustrations at the world around her, from tear stained honesty to thought provoking questioning.

It comes as no surprise that Dani is a trained dancer and that she has already worked with some big names in the industry from Paloma Faith to Muse, but now is her time to shine and she does so by following a completely individual path. Hers is a journey forged of gentle reflection, wistful regret and loss and longing but also one of optimism and hope and musically she wanders chilled pop landscapes, sensual R&B pathways and silky late night sensuality. Some music is about open celebration and throwaway party vibes, but when you want something more soul searching, emotive and heartfelt, Dani is your go to girl.

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