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Yazzy drops the stunning new piano-led ‘All I Can Do Is Cry’

After being discovered by Glastonbury supremo Michael Eavis and supporting Paloma Faith in front of a 10,000-strong sell-out crowd at the Glastonbury Extravaganza in 2018 to having your most recent single ‘I’m Choosing Me’ played by Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2 (describing it as so good he wanted to play it twice), things have, it could be said, been going pretty well for ‘half lioness, half songbird’ Yazzy.

Now she’s back with the bewitching ‘All I Can Do Is Cry’, a fragile, piano-and-strings-led power-ballad which showcases her smoky-yet-soaring voice and lead-crystal falsetto alongside her engaging lyrical storytelling and emotional, mature arrangement. A drop here, a key change there, all the time offsetting the raw, heartfelt narrative of a lost love and a broken heart. And we can feel that with her, Yazzy’s vocal delivery poignant enough that the pain and desolation of emptiness and longing carry through, the vulnerability and sensitivity plain to hear in a delivery which feels at once confessional and beseeching, an entreaty and a question over a delicate minor key verse, all held together by Yazzy’s alluring, refined vibrato.

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Review by Alex Holmes

Anna Mae Kelly releases Pop infused single Devil Eyes

Artist Anna Mae Kelly has released her latest track ‘Devil Eyes’ a real energetic and lively Pop hit.

Having this suspenseful beat that fills the air, raising the volume of each melody higher and higher as the vocals begin to seep in, having this sweet melodic tone hitting them high notes perfectly. The vocals tend to fall behind the instrumentation as that takes over and powers through.

The melody is hard-hitting and upbeat and every element goes together in such an impressive way, really gravitating towards that Pop sound and the style that Anna has to offer.

As the melody picks up the pace and the suspense builds, the tone of voice takes more of a raspy sound. The way that the style switches up within seconds, taking it from a lower volume to really pushing all the energy and power into it as the volume ramps up.

Anna really shows throughout this piece the variety of tones she can portray through her music and she definitely deserves all the recognition with this amazing single. We can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

Listen to Anna Mae Kelly’s Devil Eyes by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

After Dark & Lauren Pennine new single ‘Catch Me’: A true piece of art

Up and coming After Dark & Lauren Pennines ‘Catch Me’ is such an impressive piece of music, it’s one that is simply enthralling.

It shares many aspects of Pop but they describe it as a more down tempo piece, when you listen you can hear similar styles to artists such as Paloma Faith, Jess Glynne but you also get this side that sounds like the Chainsmokers. There’s these adenoidal vocals which tend to get more brittle at certain parts of the song, but it’s done in such an inventive way.

But aside from the vocals, there are some electronic elements that run through, in the background you hear a more techno style voice, but then you also hear the other vocals that are strong and give it that more RnB style.

Catch Me is honestly a hit in itself, it has so much potential to be massive and it deserves more recognition, the vocal ranges are perfect, the overall sound is well thought out and it shows how much hard work they put in, you need to check this one out.

Listen to After Dark & Lauren Pennine’s new single catch me by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

Dani Sylvia Gets The Blues On Latest Single

They say that when life hands you lemons you make lemonade. Similarly when life handed Dani Sylvia heartache she made heartachingly beautiful songs. Working towards an album called Tall Tales, a reference to her height, Dark Blue is the latest in a procession of songs which range from the unabashed baring of inner emotions to her frustrations at the world around her, from tear stained honesty to thought provoking questioning.

It comes as no surprise that Dani is a trained dancer and that she has already worked with some big names in the industry from Paloma Faith to Muse, but now is her time to shine and she does so by following a completely individual path. Hers is a journey forged of gentle reflection, wistful regret and loss and longing but also one of optimism and hope and musically she wanders chilled pop landscapes, sensual R&B pathways and silky late night sensuality. Some music is about open celebration and throwaway party vibes, but when you want something more soul searching, emotive and heartfelt, Dani is your go to girl.