Coryn – Highs: Garage House Pop

Coryn’s mission of statement is to make us dance and I can’t see how she could fail to stand by her statement when she releases songs like ‘Highs’.

Born and raised in a small town outside Reading, UK Coryn’s current music can be described as “Madonna music, aimed for the dance floor”. Her carefree vocals ride the new-age New Order meets garage & techno, resulting in a tune that invites your body to move. What I particularly appreciate about this song is its existential versatility: I believe that it perfectly fits a house DJ-set, as much as a techno DJ-set, as much as pop/mainstream music DJ-jet. Overall, it’s a great tune to blend with other great tunes when the set’s purpose is to get people to dance.

‘Highs’ is the closing track of Coryn’s 2018 EP called ‘Numbers’, the artwork of which I found notably intriguing.

If one of your favorite music lunches is chilled female vocals while Garage House is your favorite dressing salad to accompany it, then you should listen to ‘Highs‘.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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