Clayton Sturgeon – “Stuck In Quarantine” – Spread the song, not the virus!

The importance of surviving a global pandemic, our sanity in tact, cannot be underestimated. This is why we need tracks like “Stuck In Quarantine” in our lives. It’s a great rock number that illustrates how we’ve lost certain aspects of physical liberty, which might push some towards temporary insanity, but we’ve also been compensated with an unprecedented amount of freedom.

“We’re here for a good time,” Clayton Sturgeon tells us. “Not a long time”

While we’re home, contemplating our mortality, there’s no longer a reason to delay that which could could always be postponed for another day. No one wants to die, of course, but if we don’t seize the gift of being here, alive and healthy, there’s a chance we might regret it.

Review by Lisa Knight

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