Apxllo Releases New Emotional Track “So Long”

Apxllo is a young upcoming hip-hop artist with an ability to portray strong emotions through his lyrics and “So Long,” is indeed a perfect example of this. Going through the grief experienced with the loss of a loved one, Apxllo turns to music and uses it as an expressive tool to deal with the emotions and make a song which also help others going through similar situations. Apart from the intense lyric the song also shows a creative aspect with the way the texture, instrumentation and vocals are used throughout.

With the second vocal as an emphasis on the lyrics in the chorus, the meaning of the lyrics really becomes increasingly impactful and although the subject matter is sad and melancholic, the music provides a cathartic experience. Apart from this, the instrumentation is also produced in such a way which enables the vocal expression to be in the limelight, providing just enough background and a functional basis for the song to flourish and remain impactful throughout, making it a track which finds just the right balance between expression, creativity and sensitivity.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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