Chima – Macie: The Snaring Hooks of Alt Pop R&B

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and overall aural enigma Chima has recently released his third single “Macie”.  In his latest perfectly-produced single Chima’s emotively soulful sound carries elements of contemporary R&B and Alt Pop which comes together more seamlessly than you would think. To ensure that his sound transcends the vibes from your average R&B track, lush layers of synth are placed down upon a tentatively paced beat to create a uniquely fresh yet commercially appealing sound. Whilst the downtempo rhythm to the track is slow and steady the hooks contained within Macie are enough to snare you into the evocatively poignant sentiment to Macie.

In the short time since his first release in May 2018, Chima hasn’t failed to gain well-deserved recognition for his overwhelmingly ethereal radio-ready sound. And it looks like this is only the beginning for the breaking artist.

To check out Chima’s latest single Macie for yourselves head over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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