Now – Big Dick: A Surprisingly Quiescently Sweet Alt Rock Offering

Yes, the title is a little phallic, but rest assured the soundscape created by the up and coming artist Now is anything but quiescently sweet. Now is a New York City based instrumental powerhouse headed up by the insanely talented vocalist, songwriter and guitarist Allen Childs who brought together a synergetic line up to help him bring his inventive soundscapes to life.

Big Dick throws off every archetypal aural restraint as the Rock trio flow through free form extended, intricate breakdowns and melodies which pack in plenty of hooks that are sure to keep you coming back for another taste of their organically blinding instrumental style. Yet, the ultimate cherry to the cake has to be the Beatles style playfulness around the vocals, although I’m sure you would never hear John Lennon or Paul McCartney bragging about their endowment, in fact, the iconic Pop act’s style seems a little stale after I’ve checked out Now in all of their experimental glory.

You can check out Now’s crassly named yet, ethereally beguiling latest single Big Dick which was released July 2018 on SoundCloud now along with the rest of their six-track EP ‘Now or Never’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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