Chichester’s James Urquhart releases new house banger off Midimadnessuk ‘New Generation’

Chichester’s James Urquhart has just released a brand new house banger off Midimadnessuk called ‘New Generation‘.

James has been a dance producer for many years and has multiple releases including being featured on Hed Kandi and BBC Introducing several times. He has been looking to move into dance-pop and this new style has this young producer very excited about the future. So are we.

This song is translucent as it swells into your skin, vein by vein. You feel so much more relaxed and start to bob your head around and then the feet follow. This is such easy-going, laid-back track that saunters into your soul. I like the freshness and everything is real around.

New Generation‘ is about really going for it it this fast-paced environment that we face right now. The new style is quick and we need to be efficient and ever-evolving to make sure that life is going to be okay. Chichester’s James Urquhart wins the day with this exciting release.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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