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Katie Wellenberg raised the stakes in her alt-country protest to superficial charm, ‘Gambler’

Katie Wellenberg did more than show her hand in her latest alt-country single, Gambler, which will be an instant hit with fans of the April March and Hillbilly Moon Explosion-Esque femme fatale allure.

Lyrically, Wellenberg shows us the epitome of humanity through visually striking poetry. Instrumentally, her roots-deep melodic hooks draw you further into the single, which shows how above the charade of superficial charm she is. Needless to say, we should all be at the same level as the stunningly unf*ckwithable Munich-based singer-songwriter. She well and truly came into her swampy roots rock own with Gambler; we can’t wait to hear what follows.

Gambler is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mist’riii – Sometimes: Acknowledging the Temporary State of Everything Has Never Been More Beautiful.

Nairobi-hailing indie-pop newcomer, Mist’riii has released the ballad to end all others with her beautifully scored feat of expression, Sometimes.

It’s not often that I’m caught off guard, but that’s exactly where Sometimes succeeds. It resonates like a brand-new visceral experience that you desperately want to share with the rest of the world because you KNOW the emotional magnetism transcends genre preferences. It’s a strikingly ornate, moving ballad that deserves to be in the OST for the next Hollywood romance blockbuster – in spite of the intimate indie feels.

In her own words, here is what Mist’riii had to say about her latest release,

“Sometimes, we don’t want someone from our past back; we acknowledge that it is over, but from time to time, we can’t help but wonder if they ever think about us. Not sure if it’s the ego at play in such instances, or just nostalgia (or both lol) but I believe that it’s a sentiment that anyone who has ever lost someone (whether it’s an ex lover or friend) can relate to.”

Sometimes is now available to stream on SoundCloud, where the independently released track has already racked up over 17k streams.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Christelle brings out her inner-saboteur in her urban dance-pop single, Piccadilly

After a break from the airwaves, London’s Christelle is back to remind indie synth pop fans why she’s the Kate Nash of this generation with her latest single, Piccadilly. Keeping the pace with her hyper-dancey beats is the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s cleaver-sharp wit, which juxtapoxingly exhibits her relatability and iconic lyrical flair in the same breath.

Piccadilly is for every one that falls hard and runs just as fast when their inner saboteur takes control. It may be the most self-aware single we have heard this year with its increasing depth and playful self-effacing personality, amplified by the magnetic sense of expressive vulnerability. Few artists deserve to climb the charts more. She’s the whole package.

Piccadilly was officially released on July 29th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Royal Leisure – Pastries: Get Your Indie Funk Pop Sugar Rush

Connoisseur of melodic indie funk pop hooks, The Royal Leisure has tackled the human tendency of indecision with his latest nostalgically sweet single, Pastries. It will groove you right back to the synth-driven culture of the 80s, only after taking a pitstop in 90s noise rock.

The Hong Kong-based singer-songwriter (AKA Horace Tam), started the project with the inclination to offer a reflection point to listeners looking for a sense of perspective on themselves, the world, and all the connections we make along the way.

One thing is for sure; Pastries is a refreshing reprieve from the contemporary sonic trends. Its playful approach to aural nostalgia and even more affable inclination to drip some colour into your psyche while it forces you to question your tendency to want your cake and eat it won’t fail to stir your soul. The reprise of “this could be the only thing I want” around the endlessly ascending melodies makes for one hell of an oxytocin rush.

Take a bite for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Trevor Cooke doesn’t care what the haters say as he is ‘Doing Well’

Letting his smile shine no matter what others might talk about, Trevor Cooke sends our moods into a happy overdrive that you can’t forget with ‘Doing Well‘.

Trevor Cooke is a Morgantown, West Virginia-based indie-pop rapper/singer-songwriter who has made music with fellow creatives from Boston to Korea.

19 years old and currently studying at WVU, Trevor Cooke sends our frowns away for a few hours with a simply joyous experience. He sings about the good times that have risen from the darkness and lead us exactly where we should be headed in life.

Doing Well‘ from Morgantown, West Virginia-based indie-pop rapper/singer-songwriter Trevor Cooke is one of the more positive songs possible in 2022. This is a young man who has decided that he will smartly brush off any doubters, as he is only interested in things that will keep his mood light. Sung and rapped with a pure blend of good vibes only, this is a track to clench with tightly when you want to show that you are doing more than okay..

When the tide is on your side, it’s best to keep swimming as long as you can.

Listen up to this merry journey on Spotify and see his life unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jimmy G. $hi takes it slow in his RnB single, Drown Tonight

Give your RnB playlists a fresh soul fix by introducing it to the lead single, Drown Tonight, from Jimmy G. $hi’s 2022 album, P.T.H.B.

After warm saturated tones have eased you into the smooth contemporary track that unfurls around hip hop percussion and spacey electronica synthetics, Jimmy G. $hi goes in heavy with the sultry romanticism. The affectionately demure energy resonates through the lyrics as much as the steady vocals that affirm the message of the single; pace is the trick.

With the stellar production, the mellifluous soul that spills from the vocals and the evocative heights that Drown Tonight takes you to, the up-and-coming artist can definitively be seen as a triple threat.

The official music video for Drown Tonight was released on July 22nd. Check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Doc Rhombus worries about the next step in this cruel world with ‘I’m Afraid’

Taken off the upcoming 2nd album and 9-track sizzler to listen on full volume with called RetroactionsDoc Rhombus sends our soothed palates into overdrive via the new single that tells the truth throughout on I’m Afraid.

Doc Rhombus is a Minneapolis, USA-based indie solo singer-songwriter and music producer who makes that raw sound that opens up your eyes to what the truth is.

Moved to Minneapolis in April 2020 amidst rising COVID rates and intensifying political turmoil. He turned to music as a primary mode of expression, employing novel songwriting and production techniques as a means to cope with mental health issues and make sense of what’s happening in our country.” ~ Doc Rhombus

Worrying about no answer that call to ask for help is made, Doc Rhombus reminds us to click into action right now to better the moment before everything falls forever. With a head-nodding experience on the cards, this is a sharp single to get excited about, as there is real confidence brewing through our thrilled speakers.

Every note, harmony, layer, beat, and sound on Retroactions is a direct extension of this artistic process, channeled during late-night sessions in Doc Rhombus’ home studio between summer of 2020 and spring of 2022.” ~ Doc Rhombus

The seriously good new single I’m Afraid from the always-evolving Minneapolis, USA-based solo Doc Rhombus is a real thunderbolt that will take you to an honest spot in your soul which needs to keep it authentic right now. Brimming with a reflective glow that shall immerse your whole heart, this is a hugely contemplative anthem for anyone who needs some guidance throughout this rather odd time of upheaval.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Maxton Hunter sets his trajectory to the moon in his psych-pop single, Halfway Home

As classically soul-stirring as Chris Isaak and as compellingly contemporary as a pop-styled Courtney Barnett, Maxton Hunter’s latest single, Halfway Home, extends psychedelic indie Cali warmth across the stratosphere.

Commercial potential and magnetic don’t always go hand in hand, but they have a tight grip on each other in the oceanically breezy indie hit. It’s quite ironic how the lyrics leave Maxton Hunter pontificating on superpowers, given the celestial sense of melodicism that drives through Halfway Home. And vocally, he could very well be the last of the great dreamers. For catharsis’ sake, we can’t wait to hear what comes next from the up-and-coming artist.

Halfway Home is now available to stream on Spotify and all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ziggy Sound returns courageously from the darkness on ‘Bring Me Back To Life’

After previously blessing us with his feature on ‘WHY(Live at One Day Famous) with his friend Alen Chicco, Ziggy Sound shows us into his solo world with a stunning single to embrace with called ‘Bring Me Back To Life‘.

Ziggy Sound is a Vilnius, Lithuania-based indie singer-songwriter who is also currently studying a business and communications degree.

Returning from the chilly waters that threatened to take him underwater forever, Ziggy Sound finds the ideal love and warms our hearts with one of the most romantic acoustic songs you are ever likely to hear. He skillfully takes our hand and takes us into safer climates, where there is only peace and understanding that is far away from the havoc of current times.

Bring Me Back To Life‘ from Vilnius, Lithuania-based indie singer-songwriter Ziggy Sound is a lovely single that will help you feel so much livelier than before. His vocals are supremely smooth and loving, with lyrics that will make you smile as you close your eyes and find that true soulmate you have been seeking.

When you find that special human in your life, everything changes forever.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

congo64 is comfortably numb in his post-punk-chilled alt-rock single, I Can’t Feel Your Feelings

Taken from his debut album, Daddy’s Weird, congo64’s lead single, I Can’t Feel Your Feelings, is a highly addictive aural oddity, consisting of layers of 80s post-punk, grungy overdriven rock and 60’s harmony-laced pop.

It takes a lot for a single to send me down a psychological rabbit hole. But with the crooned post-punk chorus, “I Can’t Feel Your Feelings”, you can’t help but consider the reality of the alienating experience of connection when nothing brings resonance. If you can’t relate, consider yourself as lucky as a lottery winner.

Intriguing substance and titular poetry aside, congo64 notably succeeded in crafting a familiar yet grippingly distinctive sonic palette that won’t fail to enthral any seeker of experimental revivalist alt-rock.

I Can’t Feel Your Feelings is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast