Stephen Waterhouse brought Broadway to the Airwaves with ‘Feeling Inside’

With hints of Bo Burnham’s INSIDE LP and serendipitously infectious lyricism, the debut intrinsically self-aware single, Feeling Inside, from Stephen Waterhouse is a testament to his cultivated songwriting stripes.

The balance of Lo-Fi bedroom pop intimacy and ornate orchestral elements allows the piano-driven single to unravel as an intensely distinctive musical theatre-adjacent triumph. Vulnerable enough to read as a diary entry, and striking enough to bring a touch of Broadway flair to the airwaves, the single is a revelation that leads to rapture when the orchestral crescendos swell in the soundscape and spill over into your soul.

Stephen Waterhouse’s vocals open a mesmerising juxtaposition within the production; rather than attempting to assimilate, he runs through with his earnestly sincere quasi-spoken word delivery which harmonises as the release builds in momentum.

The Royal Northern College of Music graduate, accomplished pianist and accompanist, and musical director may bring a classic touch to his work, but it doesn’t diminish the commercial cross-over appeal in Feeling Inside, which was released ahead of his 2024 EP which is being primed for a Spring/Summer release.

Feeling Inside was officially released on March 11th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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