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Clementine Java 84 feels his sad heart burning into pieces on emotion-packed track ‘Never’

Sensing that he has been let down rather badly by a former lover that shattered his heart so viciously, Clementine Java 84 shows us exactly what it feels like when you try to return to normal on ‘Never‘.

Clementine Java 84, aka Theo, is a London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and music producer who makes that deep music to reminisce with.

Guiding us through the fire and the tremendously devastating trauma, Clementine Java 84 shows us what crushing disappointment sounds like with a crushing display that will open your eyes to what the actual emotions translate to.

It is about heartbreak and I wrote it from the place of someone paralysed by grief, staring into the distance trying to come to terms with it.” ~ Clementine Java 84

Never‘ from London, UK-based indie alternative singer-songwriter and music producer Clementine Java 84 is a song that so many will certainly relate to. Feeling like he has just been thrown over into toxic waters after feeling so happy before is the feeling presented – that is sung in a rather deep tone – that will definitely catch your attention.

Love can be so harsh when it’s over, especially when you least expected it to end.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

esperr tries to figure out how to keep this flame burning bright on ‘It Feels OK’

Taken from his brand new 8-track release called ‘Foxes‘, esperr unlocks the door and shows us deeply into what he is sensing right now in a world that has been rather cruel lately on ‘It Feels OK‘.

esperr aka Benjamin Roberti is a 19-year-old rural Pennsylvania-born indie singer-songwriter, music producer and sound engineer.

Benjamin’s music focuses on deeply personal yet ambiguous songwriting mixed with digital and somewhat ethereal feeling soundscapes with texturized vocal manipulation.” ~ esperr

Loaded with analog synthesizers and a distorted output, esperr delights with a storming track that rains down with some aplomb, taking us into a studious place of ponder inside all of our relationships. With a searing sound that is truly his own, this is a welcome addition to our playlists when we feel like taking time out to meditate our worries away into the distance.

A lot of the subject matter in Benjamin’s music is focused on discussing feelings of isolation, and loneliness.” ~ esperr

It Feels OK‘ from Pennsylvania-born indie singer-songwriter/music producer esperr is an experimental release of epic proportions. Performed with a highly introspective style, this is a single that will shake your spine and make you unwind as you look inside your life and work out if everything will actually be okay.

Working out all the angles is so important, so that you can cut out anything that makes you unhappy.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

tuesday nite has made their ambient indie rock debut with the harmony-driven single, following after me

The harmony-driven ambient indie-rock duo, tuesday nite, came together during the pandemic through a shared love of tiny desk concerts, even more compact harmonies and indie contemporaries, such as Pinegrove and Phoebe Bridgers.

Now, they’re here with their debut self-titled release, featuring the lead single, following after me. If Mazzy Star and Vanessa Carlton met in the alt-90s middle, the convergence of evocative style would undoubtedly emulate the same radiant warmth in following after me.

The yearning love song stridently triumphs in depicting the bitter lows and the highs that leave a perpetual need for that co-writer in our lives to make a return. In every conceivable way, the unpretentiously expressive single floors you with the fluency of its expression. Debuts this impressive don’t come along every day. Get them on your radar.

Following after me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

South Australian soul singer, Bree Gregory, has made her sultrily smoky debut with Only You

With a vocal timbre as smoky as the bluesy RnB groove pockets, The South Australian soul singer, Bree Gregory, is the epitome of seductive soul in her debut single, Only You.

Inspired by contemporaries such as Black Pumas and Erika Badhu and the icons of soul, her soulful love letter fuses nostalgic warmth with cutting style while delivering an open invitation to drink in the highs of affectionate intoxication that ebb and swell through the soundscape.

By the time the outro rolls around any sense of pretence or restraint tears away through the intensity of Gregory’s strident vocal dynamism. So yeah, it is one hell of a debut from one exceptionally talented artist. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Only You will officially release on July 1st; you can hear it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Beth Macari bites Ouroboros’ tail in her Indie RnB single, Circles

To say that Beth Macari’s latest single, Circles is one of the best UK RnB singles from the past few decades doesn’t come close to hyperbole.

“I don’t think you know what it’s like to be a woman” is something that every woman will have felt in her lifetime. That makes it no less profound when Macari uses it to let solidarity spill from her soundscape, which proves that soul and emboldening energy fit hand in glove; when the grasp of the gravitas is so tight.

The jangly indie-pop elements in the emotion-driven single are nothing short of electrifying as they find their charge through creating friction between the sonic past and an empowered future. We honestly couldn’t love her more.

Circles drops on July 1st; check it out on SoundCloud or by heading to Macari’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Skinny G Radio burst ‘Delusions of Grandeur’ in his theatric piano pop single

If you abstracted the annoying aspect to Tim Minchin, you would be left with something akin to Skinny G Radio’s standout single, Delusions of Grandeur, from his debut album, The Heightening.

The piano-led melodies around the organs and synths jauntily add a touch of theatrical flair to the baroquely tinged single, inspired by the likes of John Mayer and Billy Joel, while the vocals animatedly wrap around the vindicating lyricism.

“Don’t get caught up in their pretension” may just be one of my favourite lyrics of the year. It completely bursts the bubble of ego-driven self-importance that most artists drift around the industry in.

Whichever way he is infiltrating it, the Connecticut-born and raised, LA-based artist, songwriter, producer, and performer will perceptibly brighten the creative crevices of our late-stage capitalist world. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Delusions of Grandeur is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Anjalts – On Your Side: Provocatively Sensual Art-Pop

While everyone is jumping on the Kate Bush hype, it isn’t a far hop across to the up-and-coming art-pop singer-songwriter and producer, Anjalts’ latest sensually provocative single, On Your Side.

The minor keys in accord under the 80s-Esque production wrapped in haunting reverb create the perfect atmosphere for Anjalts’ translucently lucid vocals to bleed into. It is a full-on sensory experience that naturally words alone can’t capture. On Your Way leaves no room to wonder why it is on its way to going viral. We can’t wait to hear the alchemy that undoubtedly lingers in the LP that is set to follow On Your Way.

On Your Side is now available to stream on YouTube. And you can check out Anjalts via her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pat Burgess wonders if the two connected souls found the love map again on ‘A Borrowed Mandolin’

Taken off his first ever 12-track solo release called ‘The Song Box‘, Pat Burgess shows us the hard road that will be followed all the way to that ultimate love on ‘A Borrowed Mandolin‘.

Pat Burgess is a highly experienced Dublin-born, Leixlip, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter who has been in the music scene for the past 45 years.

As the lead singer and founder member of the Irish Americana group, The Rye River Band, we find an artist who sounds in reinvigorated form with a classic single that will fill you up with a hope that is furnished with so much honesty.

In the 70s Pat performed on the live Dublin music circuit doing solo gigs and guest appearances and around this time he started writing songs.” ~ Pat Burgess

Sung with so much true introspection, Pat Burgess presents us with a real insight into life and performs with a smooth vocal ability that will have you listening so intently, like you are hearing a lesson from an underground legend.

A Borrowed Mandolin‘ from Leixlip, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter Pat Burgess is a trip down memory lane and a guiding light into what is needed to truly find that light again if you have lost it.

This is a storyteller’s delight and if you love music with a genuine message from someone who has truly lived, this will be a song you shall have on repeat for ages.

Listen up to this timeless sounding single on YouTube and see more news on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Canadian originator, Ethan Mark opened his jazzy neo-soul in his album ‘The Concept of You’

After teasing us title single from his 2022 album, The Concept of You, we eagerly awaited the full length of Ethan Mark’s sophisticated psychedelic-soul experimentalism.

With the opening single, The Unravelling of Every Day, equally as sublime as the openers on your favourite 90s Shoegaze albums (surely, everyone has some of those!), it is instantly affirmed what kind of production the Canadian artist constructed. One that is defined by its quiescence and the ability to hold your attention through the jazzy indie-soul juxtapositions.

Track 3, Gunslinger, is a trippy ethereal masterpiece, colourful enough to rival the fantasy-like escapism in tracks from Cosmo Sheldrake. Reminiscences fall by the wayside in the boundlessly experimental world music title single which breaks the monocultural mould with the percussion and throws in some flamenco guitars around the RnB grooves.

Not that The Concept of You has any skippable tracks, but special attention should be paid to Weight of it All. The lofty intricate work is a sublime pool of lyrical vulnerability, Avant-Garde ambience, and quintessential folk escapism. It is gravitas sonically personified.

Here is what Ethan Mark had to say on his album

“The Concept of You, and the upcoming album, came about from a challenge from my partner. She, a listener of neo-soul and jazz, challenged me to pare my usually elaborate and busy musical style down to something more organic, soulful, and pretty.

The result was a series of love songs encompassing many facets of love. The title single refers to her, the sepia-toned memories of summers, the roots we have put down together, and the love for home.

These themes felt especially important after a long period punctuated by isolation, introversion, and cabin fever. It’s accentuated by nylon guitar strings, cascading violins, gentle pianos, and the frailties of harmonised vocals.”

Concept of You is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bob Dylan-interpreter Vargen drops the first single from the debut album called ‘Mindy Morning’

Mindy Morning by Vargen

With the new 6-piece band adding so much thrilling ambience to the core of his crisp creations, Vargen shows us into the story of the woman who is never alone with his take on that ‘Mindy Morning‘.

Vargen (The Wolf) is a Varberg, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter than was created by Swedish singer-songwriter Reine Johansson.

His albums of Bob Dylan translations and covers “Tänk inte efter (Don’t Think Twice) – Bob Dylan in Swedish” (2019) and “Love/Leave” (2020) were praised both by the Indie press and Dylan community.” ~ Vargen

Fusing in Americana, country, blues, rock, folk in his own polished way, Vargen returns with a splendid single that takes your mind away from current climates and shall infuse your soul with a vocal experience that is smoother than anything you’re likely to hear today.

The band is new and – obviously – the songs are new, but since I’m a sucker for 60-70’s pop culture I wanted a retro touch to the sound.” ~ Vargen

Mindy Morning‘ from Varberg, Sweden-based indie singer-songwriter Vargen is one of those timeless songs that has you in such a dreamy world. He sings with so much love and affection, taking us into a world that feels so warm and kind while packed with so much quality that soaks the walls of your hypnotized eardrums.

Leading us into this terrific single that has you sensing that you have just listened to a rather fine artist, Vargen brings us something truly excellent into a world that needs so much more love and understanding.

Hear this classic sounding single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen