Carl Bandi – No Mas

What a voice! That’s what you first utter when you listen to Carl Bandi’s single ‘No Mas’, released on 18th August 2019.

Starting off to intense Hip Hop beats, you get looped into the multilayered vocals and the way they blend with the flowing rhythm, before dropping tension in the very middle where the tune chills and mellows out, favouring Carl’s vocals, reaching their best expression. With a certain grip on Chill-out music, a clever take on R&B patterns and a deep tweak of Soul vibes, No Mas might be a whole brand new music effort that sharply capitalises on the 2019 music trend.

Whether you expect a typical RnB-mixed-Soul work or the overdone Hip Hop efforts, a strong degree of “Alternative” is solid in Carl Bandi’s music, as solid as is his innovative style.

Review By Jim Esposito

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