Chellcy Reitsma revives the golden age of Rock minus the misogyny with third single “Bad Love”

Gender role challenging, salaciously indulgent feminine Alt Rock? Well, it was about time.

Chellcy Reitsma’s third single “Bad Love” takes the listener right back to the golden era of Blues and Swing, but you know, without all of the misogyny. You’ll hear the same slapping basslines and searing guitar riffs sitting in a tight instrumental arrangement yet Chellcy Reitsma’s feminine vocals verse empowering lyricism which is sure to leave plenty of Rockabilly fans enamoured.

People may still be getting to grips with the fact that female empowerment can be achieved through the use of sexual prowess, but if any artist has the capacity to inspire change, it’s Chellcy Reitsma.

You can check out Chellcy Reitsma’s single Bad Love along with her earlier releases by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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