Bryce Trent – Sorrowful: A Cascade of Classic Hip Hop Rhythm

Bryce Trent’s debut track Sorrowful could only be defined as Old School Hip Hop at its finest. Whilst a lot of the sound gets swallowed in the chaotic approach to production it’s hard not to develop an affinity for Bryce Trent’s style. With a perfectly polished beat, the level of veracity in Trent’s style rhythmic style would make him an unstoppable force in the Rap arena. With his lyrical talents, I have no doubt that the sky is the limit for the emerging Urban artist. Perhaps what hit me the hardest about Sorrowful is the spaces he leaves around the music that create a beguiling resonance, making Trent’s playfully haunting style pretty much impossible to forget.

If you’re a fan of experimental hard-hitting Hip Hop, you’re not going to want to miss out on Bryce Trent’s pioneering style with his debut Sorrowful. Head on over to SoundCloud to catch the infectious vibe Sorrowful. First released in August 2016.

Hit up Bryce Trent on Twitter & join me in begging him to create some new tracks.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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