Lil Triggah On the Beat – I’m Back: The Hard Fist of Cathartic Hip Hop

How can a track be so fluidly ambient yet so hyped at the same time? Lil Triggah On the Beat defied all musical constraints with his latest track I’m Back. With a talent like that is it possible that he could ever leave? I wouldn’t say so. His agonisingly short 1:29 minute track will leave you absolutely ravenous to ingest more of his high-vibe, mid-tempo rhythmic genius. As the latest track ‘I’m Back’ which dropped in May 2018 unfolds the Bahamas based artist offers a simultaneously poignant and melodic track that invites you to slip into the gritty narrative of the track whilst hitting you with a hard fist of pure catharsis. Hip Hop Rap tracks just don’t get any better than the rhythmic melodies which Lil Triggah lay down on his perfectly produced track I’m Back.

You can check out just how on the beat Lil Triggah is by checking out his latest track I’m Back on SoundCloud now I can guarantee you won’t stop there. The rest of his earlier tracks are as sleek as his latest urban composition. Enjoy the vibe-out to his resonant mixes which could only be described as urban fire.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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