Broughton’s Hard-Hitting Hip Hop Single “R.I.P Joyce” Takes Candid Lyricism to the Next Level

For anyone who has ever had to deal with the pain of losing an inspirational figure in our lives and wondering if we are doing them proud wishing that they could see us Broughton’s latest single “R.I.P Joyce” is potentially one of the most heart-breaking Hip Hop signals you could ever care to listen to.

But aside from the heavy sentiment which runs through with absolutely no lyrical restraint, the single is absolutely flawless. The downtempo Hip Hop beats keep the kicks of the 808s light in an arrangement which is soaked with synth-reverb. Yet what the beats lack in momentum, Broughton more than makes up for with his emotively arresting Rap style which lays out the poetically poignant lyrics.

You can check out Broughton’s latest single R.I.P Joyce for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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