Broox – Fuck Me Up: When’s the Last Time You Heard An Endearingly Experimental Melody?

I’m not sure there’s a pin sharp enough to put into Broox’s pioneeringly electric Electronica track Fuck Me UP. it’s safe to say that you won’t find many artists with the ability to create such a succinctly melodic track which meanders through such a domineeringly beautiful soundscape. The progression of her latest track Fuck Me Up from her debut EP ‘Out/Through’ is something that no one could anticipate. The loops and seamlessly put together vocals samples create a sound that’s fresh until the very end.

With other tracks from the NY based artist Broox EP such as Someone New, there’s a much more recognisable Synth Indie Pop sound which she uses as a platform to project her harrowingly chilling vocals upon. The 22-year olds vocal ability absolutely blew me away upon first hearing them as they illicit such raw emotion. For her creative explosion of experimental melodies Broox takes inspiration from acts such as Lorde, Lapsley and Sylvan Esso.

You can check out Fuck Me Up along with the rest of Broox’s 6 track EP on SoundCloud or through Broox’s official Website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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