Brett Miller takes his Pop sound in a progressive new direction with upcoming single “Million Voices”

Not many Pop artists dare to take their sound in a progressive new direction, yet for his upcoming single “Million Voices” Brett Miller borrowed elements from a myriad of different genres to provide a contemporarily fresh mix.  With infusions of soft Electro and contemporary R&B weaved into the mix, you may as well start regarding Brett Miller as the Daft Punk of R&B Pop. Unlike most Pop tracks, the EDM beats don’t just serve as a platform for Brett Miller’s magnetic harmonics, instead, the beat carries the intricacy, texture and depth of any self-respecting Electronica hit. If you’re looking for a flaw in the soundscape, you won’t find one, instead, you’ll just find the palpable sense of potential from the incredibly talented, and prodigally inspired up and coming artist.

Check out Million Voices, you can steam and download here >

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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