Brandon Bonine – Warranted Worries: Harmonies for the Heartbroken

Warranted Worries by Brandon Bonine on VEVO.

Detroit, Michigan based musician Brandon Bonine has just dropped his latest track Warranted Worries and it’s just become my ultimate feel-good track of 2018. His riffs layer into melodies that breathe as light as air, Warranted Worries is an open admission to the singer songwriters melancholic apathy, it rings with harmonious freedom which makes the track a melodic hit that replaces your stomach lining with rocks. His vocal sensibility mixes in with his genre mash-up of Pop, Blues, Soul and R&B with a little extra guitar twang thrown in for good measure to create an anthemic hit with his latest track Wanted Worries. With a tagline as ‘Making pop music, one mistake at a time’, Bonine’s charisma is hard to resist, especially when he takes such influence from artists such as John Mayer, Billie Holiday and Bon Iver. With his mix of past and present, he creates a rich alchemic aura around him, that makes his sound as infectious as the Pop icons parading around today.

Check out the official music video to Warranted Worries via Vevo:

For more music by Brandon Bonine & information on his tours, check out his website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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