Birkert Bande washes away that lonely feeling with their splendid release, ‘You Will Be Found’

Holding our shivering hand that has felt so forgotten recently, Birkert Bande sings with so much verve that shall take your mind away from all worries on the remarkable new song to be rejuvenated by, ‘You Will Be Found‘.

Birkert Bande is a Scheppach, Germany-based 5-piece sibling A cappella band who makes family-friendly music and is supported by the Otto Meister Foundation.

These are five siblings who grew up together with music and find fulfillment in their own a cappella group. Despite all the quarrels, making music together connects them for a lifetime.” ~ Birkert Bande

With a wonderful elegance, marvellous ear-popping brilliance, and a tone that sets the standard beyond previous levels of comprehension, Birkert Bande is rather excellent here and guide us to a welcoming light with some aplomb.

Starting with engagements at various celebrations and in the church, the Birkert Bande now regularly gives their own concerts.” ~ Birkert Bande

You Will Be Found‘ from Scheppach, Germany-based 5-piece sibling A cappella band Birkert Bande is a hair-raising single that will take your mind away from the cold and back into the warmth. Sung with so much love and performed with a tremendously skillful style to sooth your stress away, this is a superb release that will have you sensing kindness again.

You are never lost if you feel the love of those who are waiting for your call.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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