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Birkert Bande washes away that lonely feeling with their splendid release, ‘You Will Be Found’

Holding our shivering hand that has felt so forgotten recently, Birkert Bande sings with so much verve that shall take your mind away from all worries on the remarkable new song to be rejuvenated by, ‘You Will Be Found‘.

Birkert Bande is a Scheppach, Germany-based 5-piece sibling A cappella band who makes family-friendly music and is supported by the Otto Meister Foundation.

These are five siblings who grew up together with music and find fulfillment in their own a cappella group. Despite all the quarrels, making music together connects them for a lifetime.” ~ Birkert Bande

With a wonderful elegance, marvellous ear-popping brilliance, and a tone that sets the standard beyond previous levels of comprehension, Birkert Bande is rather excellent here and guide us to a welcoming light with some aplomb.

Starting with engagements at various celebrations and in the church, the Birkert Bande now regularly gives their own concerts.” ~ Birkert Bande

You Will Be Found‘ from Scheppach, Germany-based 5-piece sibling A cappella band Birkert Bande is a hair-raising single that will take your mind away from the cold and back into the warmth. Sung with so much love and performed with a tremendously skillful style to sooth your stress away, this is a superb release that will have you sensing kindness again.

You are never lost if you feel the love of those who are waiting for your call.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

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Vancouver rock band Moving City returns with a road trip single to remember, ‘Can I Go and See My Lady?’

With the 3rd single off their upcoming full album ‘Nightflash‘, Moving City asks us the magic question that is met with a groovy laid-back vibe that has you nodding your head in an unflappable manner with, ‘Can I Go and See My Lady?

Moving City is a Vancouver, Canada-based indie-rock 5-piece band who has a sensational sprinkle of folky pop-infused inside and brings their 70s inspired sound to the fore.

Elevating us into a spectacular sunrise that has you taking a deep breath as your body moves to the quality rhythm presented, Moving City shows us their indisputable polish with a glow-filled performance that will have you sensing that you have heard a highly memorable single.

Can I Go and See My Lady?‘ from the prolific Vancouver, Canada-based indie-rock 5-piece band Moving City is a terrific release from a tight band who just makes glorious music to put on your favourite playlist. They have a likeable mellow style that has you feeling like you are in a nostalgic dream of being closer to your ideal lover.

Sung with a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere attached, this is a track that shall take you into a mood of true contemplation.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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Florida-based rock band The Walkers find that mirror amongst those ‘Bright Shadows’

Exploring the highs and lows of humanity through a music video that shall have you beaming with joy at the originality portrayed, The Walkers are at their most colourful with their new visuals for a song that will shake your core awake on ‘Bright Shadows‘.

The Walkers is a Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock 5-piece act who are all good friends and is united by their love of garage rock.

Inspired by nature’s polarity and focuses on the power of juxtaposition; light and dark, yin and yang, life and death.” ~ The Walkers

Cruising through with a single that has you feeling like you are in a movie, The Walkers show us what true ingenuity is about with this sparkling new track that shall get you feeling like you too should venture outside again to see the world.

Bright Shadows‘ from Gainesville, Florida-based indie psychedelic rock band The Walkers is a lightning bolt visual that will have you appreciating a humble group who are clearly making a brand of music that gets you off the couch. A swampedelic family experience is on offer here from a likeable band that is connected through blood and brings us an entertaining track that is packed with their signature authenticity.

Check out the music video on YouTube and see more news on their IG.

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JaVill drop a deliciously intense debut single that shall have you ‘Lifted’ up into the clouds

With their brewing debut EP being currently sculpted to perfection at Hellfire Studios, JaVill rises fearlessly from the sordid ashes to stamp their mark on the current bleak world that needs hope again with ‘Lifted‘.

JaVill is a 5-piece Industrial rock band that bases itself in thriving Dublin, Ireland, and seem on a mission to put this proud city on its back and soar to new heights.

They formed as teenagers, brothers Barry and James founded the band with Jonathan and Kevin joining later.” ~ JaVill

Lifting the lid off vigorously and sending our emotions into a real spin that was needed to shake the cobwebs off, JaVill is in supreme form with one of the more ferocious singles of 2022. This is a rock band that has a purpose and needs to be listened to right now by anyone who needs a lift away from any previous mediocrity.

The track sheds a light on dealing with struggles and how we endure these problems and get through pain- light and dark.” ~ JaVill

Lifted‘ from Dublin, Ireland-based indie-rock act JaVill is a cage-smashing single that shall delight those who have needed a powerful single that has so much true meaning. With so many people close-minded and locking themselves away, this is precisely what we all needed to break away from any nail-inducing pain that has stopped us from flying from this carnage. Sung with a rugged intensity – which is completely inspiring – and devouring this roaring soundscape that is an underground anthem, you will be completely compelled to click repeat.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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Californian rockers Carry-On Band give us what we want to feel better about life with, ‘3 & 1/2 Minutes’

Blessing us with their first original song release, Carry-On Band rolls in with their signature spirit and guitar-shaking style to give us what we need on the mood-lifting, ‘3 & 1/2 Minutes‘.

Carry-On Band is a Northridge, California-based 5-piece indie rock band who show us their experienced edge with a thoroughly old school revelation that might change your frown into a smile.

Showing us what a band should sound like in 2022, Carry-On Band hit all the right notes with a truly entertaining display that is all about giving the audience what they require to feel better about everyday life. With most people stressed out and feeling like the world is coming to an end, this is a welcome addition to our ears that needed a natural boost to come alive again.

3 & 1/2 Minutes‘ from Northridge, California-based indie rock band Carry-On Band, has us feeling rescued with a bass-slappin’ performance that might have you feeling like you can survive anything again. This is the high-energy vibe that we needed, as the passionate vocals and sterling solos wet the appetite just right. Plunging us into an enthusiastic state of mind that is ended off in style, this might be the wake up that we all needed to get that adrenaline rushing into our veins just the way we wanted.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Oxford act Shaven Primates decimates those dark demons with inspiring single, ‘Answers’

After searching for help to rid the halls of those scary ghosts that can clutch onto you like poisonous sludge in the river, Shaven Primates join forces within and aim to heal from those mental scars which need to be remedied on ‘Answers‘.

Formed by Mark Elphinstone, Shaven Primates is an Oxford, England-based 5-piece dark-wave, art-rock, post-punk band. After a 17 year hiatus from music, Mark decided that he needed to fully heal from all the trauma from his tough childhood and has used music for therapy purposes, with results that are quite bone-tingling.

Our music is a narrative of human emotion and experience: fear, love and anger resonate through the orchestration, giving our audience a deeply cathartic release.” ~ Shaven Primates

Bringing us their vivid story to life while sending a groovy ear-booster with some aplomb, Shaven Primates show us that you can indeed retrain your mind and destroy all past memories that are holding you back from doing what you love in life.

Answers‘ from the Oxford, England-based band Shaven Primates, is a breaking-the-walls thunderbolt that gets your eyes to widen and your thoughts to break those rusty bars with your mind so you can regain control of your destiny. Blending in with dynamic forces that is almost superhero-like, this is a must-listen for all those who have suffered from disgraceful abuse growing up. Music heals if you join together with those who get it.

Hear this rocking new track on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave Me Alone: Bournemouth rockers Solcura rip up the script on ‘Are You In Here With Me?’

With a raging introduction that might scare those who weren’t ready for an ignitable sound of thunder, Solcura are at their speaker-shaking best on the latest single ‘Are You In Here With Me?‘.

Solcura is a high-tempo alt-rock 5-piece band who is from Bournemouth, UK. They are a fearsome outfit that breaks down the fragile door and shatter windows with a gleeful smile on their faces.

A new, relentless alt rock band from the south of England, bring a genre-melding mix that strays all the way from alternative and melodic hard rock to breakneck punk, from ethereal acoustic to skull pounding grunge.” ~ Solcura

Slicing skillfully through all self-doubts that we all face in this bizarre life we just try and survive in, Solcura turns up the volume and don’t ever let go as they display an effortless style that keeps you locked inside their world.

Are You In Here With Me?‘ from the Bournemouth-based heavy-voltage alt-rock act Solcura, is a riff-laden track that has so much mystery interlaced inside. We are thrown into a whirlwind of emotions with a vocalist who has our mind alive, that is loaded with a rampaging assortment of swarming guitar melodies that undoubtedly delivers for fans of this proud genre.

Hear this fierce new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Holding Information: Baltimore’s Strange Attractor rise genuinely from uncharted territory on ‘Artifact’

Shining radiantly with one of the most gloriously rhythmical tracks so far this year, Strange Attractor carefully looks within and finds all of the answers that they need to be free on the excellent ‘Artifact‘.

Strange Attractor is a grounded Baltimore-based indie rock band that makes a different blend of music than most and appears to have found their ideal sound that suits their incredibly authentic nature.

A 5-piece band at the core, Strange Attractor has been known to perform as a 7, 9, even a 20 piece band on occasion, and has an intangible Baltimore essence.” ~ Strange Attractor

Strange Attractor is a well-loved underground band that is such a quality listen, you end up telling all your friends about this superb act you have discovered. It seems like they are fully in tune with the earth and there is only genuine energy projected here, as they leave the fake talk for others to unwisely bluster into.

Artifact‘ from the groovy Baltimore-based indie rock band Strange Attractor, is an unearthing-the-realness winner for the soul to digest just right. There is a real vibe here that is so rare these days and you feel like this is a community that is perfect for those music festivals where you can just be yourself. Dislodging all of those important hidden quests you need to be truly content is the best way to live, rather than always being unhappy about the things that you don’t really require.

Hear this super new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Demons Got Me: Minnesota hard rock act Störmbreaker feel so broken via their anthem ‘On the Run’

Taken off their fire-filled 12-track album released on the 5th November 2021 called ‘Strike the Match‘, Störmbreaker tries to quickly shake off the energy-draining demons that have brought them to this unwanted feeling while ‘On the Run‘.

Störmbreaker is a powerful 5-piece Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie-rock band who make a riff-roaring blend of heavy music that has been blended expertly with highly likeable vocals that might lift you quickly off your cosy seat.

Combining soaring melodic vocals, an electrifying dual lead guitar attack, and a pounding rhythm section, Störmbreaker delivers a dose of high energy hard rock.” ~ Störmbreaker

Störmbreaker is in prominent form with a top-notch effort up there with the best rock tracks currently out this year, as they seem to possess something rather distinctive and grasp your easily perplexed consciousness with aplomb on this explosive single.

On the Run‘ from the raging Minneapolis, Minnesota-based indie rock act Störmbreaker, is a shuddering speaker-rattling effort from a positively underrated ensemble that is surely set for bigger stages. They make a scintillating blend of quality music that is all about finding that special heart, to make you free again from feeling alone on the tempting road ahead.

Being free from yourself is the only mission when you miss someone you loved so dearly.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Possessing that extra edge: Motivated Birmingham 5-Piece By Devices remind us what counts on with ‘I Need To Win’

The rollicking start from Birmingham’s By Devices on ‘I Need To Win’ gets you to jump off your sofa as you dust off those old dance moves. Electric energy surges into your veins and you remember those sweaty clubs you used to frequent to see that band your mate told you about. This is an outfit that have nibbled on a bit of success and now they want the whole cake.

You feel their intensity as the build grows greater and great; the vocals echo through the speakers and this might be too loud for some. You want this band to win as they have that extra bit of quality that is missing in most bands armory these days as they worry too much about shallow fads and sounding cool. This is old school indie-rock that is simple and does what it says on the tin; kick ass rock music that pumps you up and get you in a mood to conquer all doubts.

His vocals are such a pleasurable listen as the band all mesh their skill sets to create a banging tune that needs more love. The desire of that summer again is heartily felt with a long winter in the UK expected.

The song swings all moods the right way and By Devices have that hunger you need to make it big in this saturated game. ‘I Need To Win’ is a storming effort that will annoy the neighbors that don’t know what top notch music sounds like. It doesn’t matter really however, as your mindset is focused on the things that really matter. Scoring the last minute penalty to win the game of life, is what counts in the end.

Block out the distractions on YouTube, Spotify and see the band’s socials via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen