Binky Releases Energised Country-Pop Track “Fireflies”

Binky is a young British country pop singer songwriter with a very unique tone, style and approach to music. With her extensive training in music, dance and drama Binky bridged a link between Nashville and London which truly makes her sound authentic and distinguishable from all the rest. In her song “Fireflies” she in fact projects a great outburst of energy in combination with an exciting and immersive performance that is sure to have people from different parts of the world singing along to her anthemic catchy chorus.

One of the most striking aspects in this particular song is the constant drive and energy that literally surrounds the listener with a vibrant atmosphere that is hard to ignore. Apart from this, Binky’s voice contours melodies which feature an interesting range both in the verses and in the soaring chorus. The melodies chosen are not only uplifting but also very singable and memorable. The blend between country and pop is also very striking and authentic, resulting in a song that is enjoyable for a very wide and varied audience. The sound is authentically country influenced but the melodies and energised choruses bring out the strong pop element to the forefront. With her intelligent blend of styles and characteristic vocal tone Binky is not only creating a connection between continents through music but also providing us with an uplifting sound that is surely to be recognised on the radio.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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