Belle VEX – Something New: Synth Soaked Pioneering Pop Rock

Belle VEX played a dangerous game with his latest single Something New, the harsh Electronic intro was painful to say the list, yet the fade in to the heavy funked-up bassline saved the day. Once you get over that slight trauma Bell VEX’s Synthy Pop Rock track is nothing but pure audio bliss. I adored the smack of the deep bass against the light synthy effects. Even though the flow could have been a little more seamless, Something New is a blinding track, that Electronica and 00’s Emo bands alike will appreciate. VEX takes his inspiration for his own pioneering sound from bands such as The Weekend, Shawn Mendes and My Chemical Romance. Belle VEX’s fractured yet bouncing Pop Rock vocals bring a touch of Rockstar veracity and attitude to his sound as he creates the perfect lyrical flow to capture the angst and contempt behind his tracks.

Something New will be released to the eardrums of the general public on March, 23rd, 2018; until then check out the rest of Belle VEX’s stunning contemporary Pop hits on SoundCloud:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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