Hey Jester – Pepper Spray: Prodigally Progressive Indie Rock

Sickly Sweet / Pepper Spray by Hey Jester

It’s not all too often you’ll come across an indie prog rock single that could be described as ethereal. Yet, Birmingham-based emerging act Hey Jester certainly managed it with their latest single “Pepper Spray”. The energy behind the soundscape is almost indescribable thanks to the smorgasbord of influences audible within their eclectic sound which is sure to enamour fans of hair metal and pop rock ballads alike.

There certainly aren’t many bands who have the ability to work a synth with the same indulgently anthemic approach which amplifies the raucous energy built up by the acoustic instrumentals. If you can imagine a more upbeat version of Muse, you’ll get a good idea of the infectiously immersive magnetism of Pepper Spray which is just one of the singles from their latest release Sickly Sweet.

You can stream and download Hey Jester’s latest single Pepper Spray by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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