Artem Temp – Tip Toe: Experimentally Vibrant Southern Indie Rock

Tip Toe by Artem Temp

Shreveport Louisiana based artists Artem Temp have created a track that so deftly infused with their Southern roots yet so alive with contemporary synergy it was little bit overwhelming… Okay it’s sexy. I meant sexy. Tip Toe is one of those tracks that you can never anticipate hearing. The pioneering approach to the melodies riddled into the track run through with complete experimental progression. It’s all a little bit vexing.

I’m sure Artem Temp won’t mind me saying with their filthy grinding riffs which make the Cramps & the Stray Cats sound like piously innocent outfits and provided a sensation of pure auralism. The teasing lyrics combined with the succinctly concordant vocal offerings were enough to leave me a little bowled over. The length and the texture of the guitar riffs invoked a reminiscence of Iggy Pop’s the Passenger, yet then the two organically talented artists concluded their latest track Tip Toe with a Frank Zappa style offering of experimental funk & groove. In short, Tip Toe is unpredictably, raucously, beautifully electric.

You can stream & download Artem Temp’s latest single which was released June 1st, 2018 on BandCamp now.

Head on over to Facebook where you can connect with the radiantly talented duo & keep up to date with all their future releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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